Mathletics: powering learning for primary school students.

Almost 5 million students love learning with Mathletics and it’s no secret why…

Mathletics is designed to provide students with an engaging and safe learning experience. Targeted and adaptive content with structured support, plus gaming and rewards – aligned to the achievement standards and outcomes of a wide range of international maths curricula.

Targeted and adaptive content.

Mathletics courses are aligned to the achievement standards of the maths curriculum and designed for all learning styles. Questions include animated tutorialsaudio support and adapt to the learning pace of each child.

Mathletics for primary students: curriculum
Mathletics for primary students: curriculum
  • Over 1200 activities targeting the maths curriculum, including pre and post assessment.

  • Each activity adapts automatically, evolving as students progress in understanding.

  • Questions are marked automatically, with results data sent directly to the teacher.

  • On-screen notifications for homework and teacher-assigned tasks.

Open learning…

We believe students learn better by doing, so we created our interactive Rich Learning Tasks in partnership with leading educators. These open-ended low threshold, high ceiling activities provide both teachers and students with a deep learning experience for all abilities.

Mathletics for primary students: curriculum

“Mathletics is made for International Schools.”

Our team of education publishers has created a powerful range of courses aligned to major international maths curricula including the US Common Core, English National Curriculum and the IB. Targeted, adaptive, engaging and designed to meet the requirements of the primary mathematics curriculum – with powerful reporting and assessments to match.

Craig Simon, 3P Learning Asia.

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Craig Simon - Mathletics Australia

Plus a range of learning resources to engage and challenge…

The Concept Search is an interactive and visual dictionary of mathematical terms. Explore and learn through modelling and pictorial representations.

Join Max and the Times Tables Toons band as they sing, dance and rock their way through the times tables. A fun way to learn multiplication facts!

A range of problem solving puzzles, encouraging students to solve real-world maths problems through exploration and open thinking.

Designed for younger students, Rainforest Maths is a wildly bright, colourful and vibrant area of Mathletics with a selection of simpler activities.

3…2…1… RACE!

Welcome to the fast-paced and exciting world of LIVE Mathletics, a hugely popular area of the resource. Students are matched with others from their own class (or the other side of the world!) and are challenged to fast-paced 60 second live races of mental maths.

There is no more popular or fun way to target maths fluency!

Revolutionary assessments.

The range of online assessments within Mathletics has been designed by our maths experts to specifically target the curriculum. Formative, summative or diagnostic, they are a powerful tool – and available for a wide range of international curricula.

  • Scheduled and assigned directly to students, assessments are taken online and are automatically marked.
  • Learning gaps are identified, generating individual learning pathways.
  • Tablet-compatible, plus accessibility options for vision impairment.
Mathletics Curriculum Online Maths Assessments

Partnering to power Mathletics Assessments

Mathletics, partnering with Learnosity

We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics.

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A truly rewarding experience…

Different students want different rewards, so we’ve got lots to encourage students to stretch themselves and adopt a growth mindset. From avatar credits for improvement, to points for correct answers. A weekly target of 1000 points earns a certificate, building through bronzesilver and gold across the year, promoting long-lasting engagement. Top-scoring students are showcased on the Mathletics global Hall of Fame!

Mathletics for primary students: rewards
Mathletics for primary students: themes and avatars

…and a space to make their own.

Each student’s Mathletics account is their own personal learning space, home to their individual content and support. With avatars and a range of themes, there is no end to the personalisation possibilities…

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